Louise Anna Photography

I’m all about capturing the big moments: the confetti, the kisses, the portraits, but also the moments in-between – laughter and happy tears from your family and friends, your head in your hands as the speeches regale your guests, your hands laced as you walk together – those deserve to be remembered, too.

It’s less about posing, and more about guiding; playing off your relationship, and capturing the two of you as you are – your characterful, spirited happiness, your carefree co-existence.

It’s warm, nostalgic and creative, documenting your beautiful plans how they deserve to be retold.

Jeni Lowe

Natural relaxed photography that tells your love story.
Whether that love is marrying your best friend or bringing your child into the world. Pure love, captured and kept as memories forever.
Capturing the moments that hold feelings, that make your heart smile when you look back on them.
Natural, relaxed snapshots of your memories, held together in print for life. The moments that tell the story that is truly yours. That is what photography means to me.


Holly Bryan Photography

I want to document you making memories, not photograph you posing awkwardly for a picture. Real moments between you and your closest people is what gets me going to be honest. I’d say my style is natural, unposed-posed, relaxed and wild. I do use the occasional strange cue to help you to chill out and get you laughing; and I will give you advice on how to stand or sit to ensure I capture you at your best; but nothing beats those natural moments. Some of my favourite ever images have been a few spontaneous seconds of friends or family interacting together at weddings that I’ve only just caught by chance, or the beautiful moments between a newlywed couple as they share a few words in private whilst surrounded by guests.

Please don’t ask me to put a splash of colour on a black and white image, or to take a picture of you through your wedding rings….it’s just not my style and I would be cheating myself if I did it. I can’t guarantee a stunning golden hour or that your spouse won’t leave you nervous by arriving late at the the ceremony, but I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the best day and that things run as smoothly as possible.

Leanne Donohue

I’m Leanne, I’m 33 and I’m a Lincolnshire born and bred photographer based in Horncastle. I’m a wife, a mother of two, an experienced gin drinker and mashed potato eater and I’m one of those people who’ll spend a good few hour “faffing” to make stuff on a shelf look just right – basically I really know how to live!

I’m a self-taught photographer and proud. My journey to where I am now simply doesn’t have the wonderful, idyllic beginning that so many others seem to have. My story is that I left school with no gear and absolutely no idea on what I wanted to do, and thought I’d try my hand at a Photography degree. I did then what I still do now – I put my life and soul in to it and came out with an amazing result. Grafting is in my DNA and the two amazing people who made me brought me up to teach me the reward of hard work. I put a lot in to life and I get a lot out of it too! I am on paper what I am in person – a jack of all trades! I love having many strings to my bow and living a fulfilled life, I honestly cannot remember the last time I was bored.

I count myself lucky to be someone who is naturally practical and creative and do something like this to earn a living. Making things look good is what makes me tick and that’s what I do every time I pick up the camera and edit a set of images.